Roller Shades

Roller blinds use chemical fiber materials. Colors and operation methods are varied. Suitable for installation and residential, commercial office, and other places, with modern furniture matching, reflecting the concept of the simple life.

Customize the style you have in mind by choosing from 4 translucencies, 7 colors, 4 decorative covers, and get a quick quote from us. If you have more needs or questions, you can also call us at 604-559-0233, or email:, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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Transparency Rate: 5% / 3%/ 1% / 0% / Blackout
Top Treatment: PVC Valance / Cassette / Fascia / Open
Max. Width: 120”
Max. Height: 120”
Selected Fabric: Flame Retardant / Green Guard Certified
Various Colors Available
Motorization Available